Our training services offer a thematic mesh adapted to the diverse needs of people, groups and institutions, and which are provided by professional staff and experts, in:
  • Prevention of VH and STI
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health oriented to the development of healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Design and implementation of HIV prevention programs in different population groups.
  • Formulation of institutional policies related to the prevention of stigma and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Provision of culturally competent prevention services (differentiated care).
  • Provision of voluntary HIV testing and counseling services at the community level.
  • Political incidence.
  • Community research.

All of our training courses provide basic tools and practices to achieve the objectives required by individuals, institutions and / or companies. The training is offered in two modalities:

  • Face-to-face.
  • Virtual.

The duration of each course depends on the needs of people, organizations, institutions or companies, which are designed according to a menu of options adjusted to the expressed needs and the costs of them are at affordable prices.

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