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Kimirina has teams trained both internally and externally at the programmatic, financial and community research levels, with extensive experience in developing projects and programs in sexual and reproductive health, comprehensive health, and HIV and human rights, both for working with key populations and young.

The Kimirina Corporation has maintained its high quality and recognition for the management of projects carried out under international financial cooperation such as the Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV (GF); and it has demonstrated its capacity to achieve technical and financial assistance as a result of highly competitive international and national competitions, an example of this is the cooperation achieved in this framework with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Japanese Fund Agency for Development (JPO); as well as the State Department of the United States Government.

Similarly, it has maintained its association with donors such as HIVOS, The Global Action for Gay Men's Health and Rights (MSMGF-MPACT); the Belgian Agency for International Cooperation through the Ministry of Health of the D.M of Quito. At the local level, Kimirina with the Illustrious Municipality of Guayaquil through the Directorate of Social Action and Education signs an agreement for the HIV prevention and screening campaign with young men and women with risk factors for HIV. With the Ministry of Public Health, it has signed several cooperation agreements on the provision of prevention and intervention services with key populations, as well as administrative management.

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