desarrollo metodologias

KIMIRINA, develops and applies participatory methodologies aimed at supporting reflection and strengthening responses to sexual health care, as well as HIV.

In our methodological development we start from reality by starting the cycle with a diagnosis of what people know about sexuality, HIV and other issues related to the well-being of communities.

Based on this, we design an intervention proposal for the development of projects and programs, as well as the execution of their actions.

KIMIRINA's methodological approach is framed in a broad development context, integrally focusing on the framework of human rights and citizenship so that the problems associated with both sexual and reproductive health and HIV take into account character responses comprehensive, not only medical-clinics, but the direct implications that these health aspects have on people's lives, particularly in key populations.

The development and application of methodologies includes participatory evaluation, which, based on its results, will allow the application of the necessary corrective measures, their adaptation and quality improvement.

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