About 30 years ago, a virus, the human immunodeficiency virus, caused fear, uncertainty, revealed the worst feelings of human beings who rejected and discriminated against people who had it, and also showed the best of people: solidarity, love, the pain of losing someone they loved and turning to support so that it does not happen with other people. Science advanced, largely due to the push of the affected communities and those heroes and heroines, some were left in a battle, others are still a living example of participation and militancy.

Today, in COVID 19 times, it seems that stories are repeated. Once again humanity is perplexed by something that is unknown; some societies react better than others, some health systems are more prepared than others.

In Ecuador, the greatest concern of those of us who are in public health is the limited ability to know the truth so that we can shoulder our shoulders and work on the answers on a firm basis. Kimirina as a community organization immediately, as soon as the order of social isolation was produced, it implemented online care mechanisms: telemedicine, online educational programs, by radio, by networks, provision of ARVs treatments, humanitarian aid, etc., always with an emphasis on Those who need it most. He was able to attend to foreign people in a situation of mobility required for reasons prior to the pandemic or for having stayed in the country due to the restriction measures of national and international transport, among other actions.

However, it is not enough, as a civil society organization, we believe that we must influence public policies so that the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is properly addressed, but we must also demand that the State does not neglect the response to the general health situation of all people and responding to all diseases.

Having advanced, thanks to the effort of community responses -articulated to the national health system- in the response to HIV, to establish solid foundations in diagnosis, prevention and treatment, towards the goal that no one else dies of AIDS, is not a It is a prerogative that is requested if not a reality that is demanded and for which it has fought and will continue to do so. We will continue proactively, innovatively, as always, working with individuals, communities, and local and national governments to establish effective programs in which human rights are met.

For the conjuncture, in the difficult moment we are living as a country, Kimirina has a work proposal to improve the diagnosis of cOVID 19 with the community scheme that has been successful in HIV. We are sure that our efforts and proposals will be heard ...


Amira Herdoiza

Executive Director

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