The coronavirus epidemic, or Covid-19, has exponentially affected all countries for several weeks. Our thoughts go out to all those whose health, or that of their loved ones, is threatened. We also think of all the victims this virus has already caused.

Coronavirus response reveals strong inequalities

National responses and coordination between countries are underway. However, they are already revealing strong inequalities: between regions, between towns, between individuals. As a union of community associations operating in 52 countries around the world, Coalition PLUS is particularly concerned about the impact of this epidemic on populations most vulnerable to the epidemics of HIV / AIDS and viral hepatitis.


People living with HIV or hepatitis who suffer from comorbidities or immunodeficiency are more exposed and more vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 infection. In this context, it is essential to guarantee the continuity of health services, as well as access to medicines, such as antiretrovirals or methadone. Our associations have a decisive role to play so that no one is left untreated. In addition, they provide support to those, isolated or marginalized, who need it most.

Coalition PLUS is mobilized to guarantee the continuity of actions with the most vulnerable.

Alarming testimonies have reached us about the situation of our populations. Sex workers are forced to survive to maintain their professional activity and, therefore, to avoid containment measures, despite the fear of contracting the virus. We also observe cases of forced abstinence without medical accompaniment in certain people who use drugs, due to the lack of supply of substitute products. Furthermore, infections occur in prisons and detention centers. In fact, due to excessive promiscuity among prisoners, control of this epidemic is impossible in these closed structures. The list of examples is already too long.

In the face of a health emergency, we all ask ourselves the question of our contribution. To stop this new pandemic and guarantee the continuity of our actions with the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, our mobilization is essential. Coalition PLUS is one of its members and partners and has decided to implement technical and financial means so that they can react.


Together, let's develop solidarity to fight the coronavirus.

Today, this crisis gives us the opportunity to use what the fight against HIV / AIDS has taught us in the last forty years. Epidemics are the best indicators of inequalities and injustices that affect our societies. Given the risk of infection, we know that not all of us are on equal terms. We have learned how to accompany death with dignity and support those around victims. Better than anyone, we can raise public awareness of the rights of populations most vulnerable to the virus and combat its stigma. We master risk reduction strategies for ourselves and our communities.

Let us take into account the principles and values that have guided our actions for decades to invent solutions, develop solidarity and thus contribute to the global response to Covid-19.

In solidarity.


Hakima Himmich

Coalition PLUS President

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