Transparency, accountability and integrity are essential components for Corporación Kimirina to fulfill its mission. These core principles are constituted at the highest levels of ethics in the development of our institutional activities and at all levels, both managerial and operational, committed to exercising with the utmost attention and integrity in the management, use, allocation of resources and of any asset. acquired with resources from both the organization and cooperation.

The Kimirina Corporation is closely committed to compliance with all laws, regulations and contractual obligations subject to its obligations, offering and complying with the highest standards in its financial, operational and executive, administrative and programmatic management systems.

Kimirina's policies are available to those who demand or have concerns about compliance, receiving timely response by a member of the designated administrative pool from the executive management, who will be available to answer or resolve any questions or concerns requested.


Code of conduct

Kimirina has its Code of Conduct that establishes all the principles and standards of conduct required of all employees of Corporación Kimirina, including, but not limited to, Directors and Board Members, as well as cooperators, contractors, subcontractors and beneficiaries of subsidies


Gender Policy

The formulation of the expression of the Kimirina Corporation's commitment to gender equity as part of its identity, both intra-organizational and extra-organizational as well as in its strategies and lines of action. This gender policy is added and adopted based on the importance of walking together towards a north that ensures justice and equity between men and women and all their diversity.


Workplace harassment policy

CKimirina corporation does not tolerate any type of harassment in the work environment, in accordance with the Labor Code and Internal Regulations.



Kimirina's commitment to environmental care and the application of national regulations on the subject.


HIV at work

Kimirina's position on the right of staff to have information on health care, treatment and non-discrimination in the workplace regarding their status in relation to HIV / AIDS and attempts to clearly state Kimirina's responsibilities on these same points , aligning with the Principles of Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV - MIPA.


Commitment to protect children and adolescents

The Policy and Declaration of Commitment for the Protection of Children and Adolescents constitutes an internal norm of the Kimirina Corporation to promote and guarantee the protection of children from any form of abuse, abuse or any type of violence committed against them. .


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