When Corporación Kimirina in 1999 decided to undertake a “walk together” as the first Ecuadorian organization expert in HIV and as one of the liaison organizations of the International Alliance against HIV / AIDS, the world and Ecuador had already faced for some years, the severity of the spread of the AIDS epidemic. Thanks to the mobilization of civil society, access to the treatment of HIV infection had a positive impact on the survival of people living with HIV / AIDS (PLHIV), and prevention was consolidated through strategies aimed at changing behavior in populations most affected by the epidemic.

Kimirina was born as a community organization specialized in the response to the HIV epidemic, with technical capabilities, methodologies, approaches, research, as key mechanisms for prevention HIV, with a strategic view and an articulating approach based on the right to comprehensive health and human and sexual rights of gay, bisexual, other men who have sex with men, Trans-women and women. Women sex workers, in addition to people living with HIV / AIDS, in order to contribute to the improvement of their quality of life in an integrated manner Pray and healthy.

A substantial part of Kimirina's work is to promote and participate in processes related to the development of national proposals for community response to HIV, sexual health and reproductive health, from a promotional approach and citizenship in Health. He has been the main recipient of civil society in cooperations, such as that of the Global Fund to Combat Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis, European and North American non-governmental organizations, has been a partner in several bi and multilateral cooperations. Community research is a key pillar of our work. The generation of evidence and knowledge management is a fundamental pillar of our actions, together with prevention, the complementarity approach and the production of innovative methodologies, among others, to contribute to the political impact and generation of programs, services and policies in the fields of action, for the strengthening and development of civil society organizations, including community-based organizations (CBOs) towards the generation of social capital and the empowered response of Ecuadorian society.

Kimirina has an important international role and is the headquarters of the Latin American and Caribbean platform of Coalition International AIDS Plus, a network of more than 4 organizations from 4 continents. Based on its 19 years of experience Kimirina as a member of the International AIDS Coalition Plus, Kimirina is committed to innovation in the field of HIV prevention, and works hard to ensure that combined HIV prevention becomes the central strategy of the response against to HIV / AIDS, as well as, on the issues of sexual and reproductive health, working with people, from and for communities in the search and appropriation of effective solutions for the integral well-being of key populations and the community in general.

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