We are Community

Since its creation, Kimirina's focus and commitment to work has been a priority community. Its management has been oriented to provide technical and financial assistance, as a second-floor organization that has promoted mobilization and development in HIV prevention with various community partners; and in the implementation of actions, for, shoulder to shoulder, strengthen the management of local leaderships, and work together in the search for short, medium and long term solutions.

Participation is our commitment at all levels: internally in the organization and in external relations. That is why we are committed to understanding the particular needs of people and their risks against HIV and we also take into consideration their environment, their interrelations, their support networks, their community dynamics and their priorities.

Our commitment is reflected in concrete programs that involve a range of direct actors from the same communities, interrelated with professionals committed and identified with them. The fundamental reason for being of Kimirina is "to be a community" as a contribution to the prevention of sexual health problems, HIV and STIs. Community health is encouraged through the exercise of active citizenship and support in the promotion, defense and exercise of human rights.

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